I worked as the Business and Property Manager at Hollywood United Methodist Church, and First Congregational Church of Los Angeles I had the amazing experience of managing these MAGNIFICANT churches and the other assets including apartments, commercial buildings, single family homes, and four-plex cottages.

I remodeled and maintained these properties:

First Congregational Church LA, CA
Pilgrim School LA, CA
Cedar Lake Camp -
FCCLA'S 500 acre retreat in Big Bear, CA
25 unit Apartment Building at 435 S. Hoover LA CA
50 unit Apartment Building at 3007 W. 5th St. LA CA
FCCLA'S Thrift Store and Counseling Center LA CA

Hollywood United Methodist Church
6817 Franklin Ave. Hollywood, CA
Cottage Homes located onsite at HUMC
2 Commercial Properties in rear of church totaling 3000 sq. ft

2 - 2500 sq. ft. RENTAL HOMES belonging to HUMC
1 Pastors Residence located in Hollywood CA

real estate INVESTMENT 

&   financing

 Investment Properties

 Small Homes     Apartments     Duplexes    Fourplexes

  Our Realtors will work diligently to help you find the perfect income property. We are experts with real estate investing and financing. Cecilia has worked with countless lenders that can assist you with financing your new construction, rehab, or investment property. She also has several real estate investment options that can generate you the income you desire.

  You can choose to pay off your mortgage in just five years, or start your new income producing project in just weeks, or maybe you want to invest in an apartment building that is already occupied. 

  Whatever the case I have some carefully detailed financial plans just for you that will fit your budget in income requirements.

I have researched real estate markets in both Texas and California. I have built homes and managed properties in both states for over 35 years. I KNOW precisely what I am doing, and I am here to assist you in finding the perfect property.

  I work with professional, skilled craftsman, architects and designers who are more than capable of designing and building any project you choose a small home,  duplex, fourplex or multifamily project.


design  &  construction

real estate management

We’re committed to providing the most energy efficient, affordable, and modern architectural design.  We thrive on serving you with professionalism, honesty, quality and passion.

   Our ambition is to design homes that fit people’s needs and improve their quality of life. We seek to make your dream home a reality.’’
  Our passion is designing comfortable living environments. We believe that well-designed homes can improve the quality of life and we are always looking for innovative ways to reflect contemporary lifestyle needs. We also believe that the best modern architecture results from the deft combination of function and artfulness.
  Every home that we design expresses exterior elegance and interior comfort, and it is important to establish a dialogue between interior and exterior spaces. For example, well-positioned porches should work as outdoor rooms.
  Interior design plays a significant role in a good house project and can make smaller volumes function more efficiently and feel larger, and we trust that the owners of our homes will personalize the interior according to their own taste.
  Good houses involve not only esthetics and functionality but also sustainability and energy efficiency. At the beginning of every project we work to ensure that the building will perform efficiently, run economically, and be sustainably built and environmentally sensitive. We apply Passive House principles to make every home energy efficient. We also strive to simplify construction in order to lower overall building cost.
  We design houses for people who seek esthetic quality and comfort in their living environment. Good design adds value to your life and setting. Our ambition is to provide well designed houses that enhance daily life while making a positive impact on our urban environment.